Spinning on a Chair Inside a Room

How do you feel when you are spinning on a chair inside a room? You see everyone around you like trained comets… spin in the same way, with constant speed. If you are going to spin long enough you will see… you will see them all… and if you spin even longer you’re not going to see anyone anymore. Everyone is disappearing. At first, their faces are dissolving like the watercolor over which you poor water and after that you blot in one way only… the other way around. They are dissolving and blending… they are blending until they all become one stain.

You are spinning on a chair inside a room in the middle of a big and colored stain. Don’t stop. Keep spinning. Follow the colors changing. Pull your head backwards and keep spinning. Try to see the stain with your eyes rolled over. Don’t focus on the faces, just the stain… the colors. You are spinning in the same direction with constant speed. Is it getting dark? Don’t worry… it’s just someone turning off a light…

You are spinning on a chair inside a room with no lights.


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